Startup Law A to Z: Employment Law

Startup Law A to Z: Employment Law Your startup will not succeed unless you, the founder, build an exceptional team. Great teams are built on top of great culture. Yet any venture-backed startup founder will tell you, myself included, that developing a positive corporate culture is more art th… California Today: California Today: A New York Critic on the Los ... Read More »

Biophilic Design

“When nature inspires our architecture-not just how it looks buthow buildings and communities actually function-we will have madegreat strides as a society. Biophilic Design provides us withtremendous insight into the ‘why,’ then builds us a road map forwhat is sure to be the next great design journey of ourtimes.” -Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO and Founding Chairman, U.S. GreenBuilding Council “Having ... Read More »

Use Magnetic Primer on Your Kid's Bedroom Wall

Use Magnetic Primer on Your Kid’s Bedroom Wall Last week, we suggested that you turn a hidden wall of your house (in a basement or laundry room, for example) into an “art wall” to display all of your kid’s masterpieces. One commenter, known as “Ja’mie Lannister, Private School Kingslayer,” jumped in with … Critic’s Pick: Miró’s Greatness? It Was There ... Read More »