Machine Design

Machine Design is a text on the design of machine elements for the engineering undergraduates of mechanical/production/industrial disciplines. The book provides a comprehensive survey of machine elements and their analytical design methods. Besides explaining the fundamentals of the tools and techniques necessary to facilitate design calculations, the text includes extensive data on various aspects of machine elements, manufacturing considerations and ... Read More »

Display Your Kid's Art on an Ignored Wall

Display Your Kid’s Art on an Ignored Wall Shortly after we moved into our home several years ago, my son started preschool. Suddenly, he was bringing home giant finger-paintings, holiday scenes and stick figure drawings multiple times a week. Read more… California Today: California Today: Your Quick Oscars Recap Monday: Get caught up on the Academy Awards; Pacific Gas and ... Read More »

The Industrial Design Reader

This groundbreaking anthology is the first to focus exclusively on the history of industrial design. With essays written by some of the greatest designers, visionaries, policy makers, theorists, critics and historians of the past two centuries, this book traces the history of industrial design, industrialization, and mass production in the United States and throughout the world. Read More »