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Questionnaire Design

If you need to conduct market research for your company, a good questionnaire is a vital tool. Questionnaire Design covers anything and everything you need to know about constructing the perfect questionnaire for your business. Taking you through every step of the process, and encouraging you to really think about what you are asking, and what data you want to ... Read More »

Turning Snack Packaging Into Amazing Art

Turning Snack Packaging Into Amazing Art Snack packaging gets a second life as wonderful papercraft thanks to a Japanese art student. Read more… What’s Making You Crazy at Work? Maybe your boss is a jerk. Maybe the team you manage has weird internal conflicts. Maybe you’re on the fence about your next career move. Maybe your cubicle neighbor is driving ... Read More »

Health Communication Message Design

The desire to impact positive changes in individuals and society motivates many students, practitioners, and researchers of health communication. This one of a kind text offers guidance on how to design effective health communication messages. This book shows how to build theory-based messages and how to address the diverse characteristics of audiences. While integrating perspectives from public health and social ... Read More »